Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The History of 1 Parachute Battalion, 1961 - 1991
By Paul J. Els

Having previously read and reviewed author Paul Els’ book on the South African Defence Force’s Reconnaissance Regiments, or ‘Recces’, I looked forward to this latest effort by him. Now that I have finally had the pleasure of reading it, I can honestly say that the wait was well worthwhile.

Although the book cannot be called a definitive history of 1 Parachute Battalion, it is in my opinion a very good attempt to garner and put on public record as much information on the background, formation, training and traditions of this elite band of aerial warriors, who saw so much action during the long Border War, and whose members for the most part conducted themselves with the élan one would associate with paratroopers the world over.

The book itself is in the paperback format, some 333 pages long and printed in A4 size on good quality white paper stock. Only the external covers are in colour, the contents being entirely in black-and-white, and that includes all photographs.

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