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Die Klein Pelgrim se reis - Helen L Taylor, in Afrikaans vertaal en verwerk deur Marianne Swanepoel

Die verhaal van die Christen se reis na die ewigheid, is vir die meeste jongmense en kinders ‘n interessante avontuurverhaal. Dit is egter ook ‘n verhaal van hoop. Hoop om die goeie, geestelike stryd hier op aarde in God se krag te stry en te oorwin. Hoop om die heerlikheid van God te sien. Hoop om dit saam met Hom en geliefdes wat reeds daar is, vir ewig te beleef. Hierdie is ‘n boek wat die jeug kan geniet, met ‘n boodskap wat elkeen kan verstaan.

Put Trauma behind you - Barbara Louw & Wynand Louw

This book gives you practical steps to help you move forward after trauma hit your life. It gives guidelines to understand and deal with muddled feelings, confusing reactions and questions about faith and spirituality.

It provides practical clues, tips and hints on how to assist you on your road to healing, wholeness and forgiveness. Applicable suggestions to restore your health and wellbeing are easy to follow and implement. A unique part of this book is the focus on the financial impact of the trauma you experienced and how to recover financially.

The concepts discussed in this book is tried and tested for more than 25 years and we use the timeless Biblical message of hope.

Barbara & Wynand Louw are working together in the community and ministry for the past 30 years. They are both ordained ministers and founding members of a non-profit organisation, Inter Trauma Nexus. This organisation specializes in victim support, crisis intervention, trauma relief facilitation and counselling.

Wynand holds a BTh; various qualifications in the financial sector and he is an MBA Candidate. The topic of his dissertation is: “A Christian Program for Moral regeneration in a multi-cultural South Africa.”

Wynand has a wealth of experience in the South African financial services sector and  is a successful Business, Financial and Biblical Coach and Mentor. He is a registered Skills Development Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator with the ETDP SETA. He is a senior member of Aquilla Advisors cc and the Managing member of Aquilla Financial Solutions cc.

He is a member of ACC in SA, Council for Councillors, IFCC, Fellow of the Insurance Institute of SA; and advisor to South African Integrated Traumatological Council and numerous other Non Profit organisations, Churches, and Unions.

Barbara completed a MA (Soc.) in Narrative Therapy for victims of rape and sexual violations. “GOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE” AS METAPHOR OF HOPE FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLATIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA.” She is a guest lecturer, public and conference speaker on Trauma, Victimisation, Child Trauma, Victim Empowerment, Crime Prevention, Life skills, Motivation and Being Successful. She is co-author of numerous books, courses and programmes. Her latest book is “A SENSIBLE VISION”

Barbara is Chief Executive Office of Inter Trauma Nexus and Co-owner and Wellness Strategist of Aquilla Advisors. She is a Specialist Pastoral Counsellor, Traumatologist, Natural Health Practitioner and a registered Coach and Mentor. Currently she is working on a PhD.

A Sensible Vision - Barbara Louw

A Practical Model to efficiently support people to put trauma behind them.

This book is for you, if you are passionate about helping traumatized people.

It will enable you to get the big picture of what trauma is and how it impacts people. You will be guided to understand the concept of trauma, be made aware of it's impact, responses and accompanying stressors. It will guide you to understand and apply the principles of making a difference, being sensitive, offering appropriate trauma support, knowing when and how to refer your client or friend.

The purpose of the book is to enable you to help your clients to use their unique life stories as points of departure on the road to putting trauma behind them and finding hope. It gives practical guidelines and applicable suggestions on how to assist your client on a road to healing, wholeness and forgiveness.  The concepts discussed in this book is tried and tested for more than 25 years and we use the timeless Biblical message of hope.

Barbara Louw is working in the community and ministry for the past 30 years. She is an ordained minister and co-founding member of a non-profit organisation Inter Trauma Nexus. This organisation specializes in victim support, crisis intervention, trauma relief facilitation and counselling.

Barbara completed a MA (Soc.) in Narrative Therapy for victims of rape and sexual violations. “GOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE” AS METAPHOR OF HOPE FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLATIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA.” She is a guest lecturer, public and conference speaker on Trauma, Victimisation, Child Trauma, Victim Empowerment, Crime Prevention, Life skills, Motivation and Being Successful. She is co-author of numerous books, courses and programmes. Her latest book is “A SENSIBLE VISION”

She is Chief Executive Officer of Inter Trauma Nexus and Co-owner and Wellness Strategist of Aquilla Advisors. She is a Specialist Pastoral Counsellor, Traumatologist, Natural Health Practitioner and a registered Coach and Mentor. Currently she is working on a PhD.

E-mails from Ireland, Vonkpos uit Ierland - Johan Wentzel

I Wynand Johannes Wentzel, take you, Linda Joyce Boyd, to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love… but that only came later, much later: 1711 days and 71 emails later to be precise.

The intention was never to group all my emails ‘home’ into a single document. That also came much later... only after Ireland became my ‘home’!

My way of giving something back to this the most beautiful wee island in the whole wide world:
Fri   11/08/2006 13:47 - I have discovered that certain things work and others should be left alone.
Mon   18/09/2006 15:45 - A paperless society based on paper!
Fri   14/11/2008 11:05 - And there I was thinking that Australia is still only inhabited by convicts.
Thu   16/04/2009 09:28 - There are really lots to mediate about in Ulster.
Tue   30/06/2009 09:45 - A funny lot the Brits.
Mon   18/01/2010 17:39 - The land of milk and honey this is. And bread, snacks, buns, a lake of coffee and an ocean of tea!
Fri   19/02/2010 11:44 - The strangers are the English!
Thu   22/04/2010 16:46 - And she sometimes sounds as if she has a wee diesel engine somewhere deep in her chest.
Tue   20/07/2010 12:13 - It is just that I am now living on Irish time - a bit like African time, just much slower.
Tue   31/08/2010 16:07 - And I thought, who else but the proud stubborn god-fearing Irish can spin a national engineering disaster like the sinking of the Titanic into a money making racket that attracts people from all over the world, even Australia?
Wed   05/01/2011 14:43 - PS - Don’t tell anybody you pretty wee bride!
Sat   02/04/2011 12:00 - I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did before.

I have found my Tickey - Johan Wentzel

Rejoice with me, I have found my tickey

   - two brothers and a sister
   - a son and two daughters
   - more than one wife…

Actually, my tickey has always been there:
together on the long road,
with the inquisitive discovery of all ten secret holes,
the ‘naked hikers’,
with the birth of my children,
the death of my parents, my brother, my son
my own journey back, always back…
I am a child of Namibia.

Lariza van Niekerk:
What a pleasure it is to go on a reminiscence journey with Johann Wentzel in “I have found my Tickey”! This journey stretches from his barefoot childhood days in South-West Africa and South Africa to Northern Ireland, from curry-tripe In Okahandja to curry-chips in Letterkenny. With the author, we have the honour of a near royal reception at a wedding in Taung, to be intrigued by the medicine man's fresh goat-skin apron and eventually to find true happiness in Waringstown. The narratives are presented in a casual style and that captivates the reader and lets the reader join the visit.

Ek het my Tiekie gevind - Johan Wentzel

Wees saam met my bly ek het my tiekie gekry

   - twee broers en 'n suster
   - 'n seun en twee dogters
   - meer as een vrou…

Eintlik was my tiekie maar altyd daar:
saam op die langpad, 
met die nuuskierige ondersoek van al tien gaatjies,  
saam by die ‘naked hikers’,
met die geboorte van my kinders,
die dood van my ouers, my broer, my seun
my reis terug, altyd terug...
ek is ’n kind van Namibië.

Lariza van Niekerk: 
Wat ’n genot is dit nie om weereens saam met Johann Wentzel in “Ek het my Tiekie gevind” ’n herinneringsreis te onderneem nie! Hierdie reis strek vanaf sy kaalvoet-kinderdae in Suidwes-Afrika en Suid-Afrika, tot in Noord Ierland, vanaf kerrie-skaapafval in Okanhandja tot “curry chips” in Letterkenny. Saam met die skrywer smaak ons die eer van ’n koninklike ontvangs by ’n troue in Taung, wonder ons oor die toordokter-voorskoot en vind ons uiteindelik geluk in Waringstown. Die vertellings word gelewer in ’n gemaklike styl wat die leser boei en heerlik laat saamkuier.

“Where is my tickey?” A journey through my youth - Johan Wentzel

Life is good to me... I am a child of Namibia. And I know everything...

Why there is nothing holy about the tap water of Okahandja.
Why Marinette and I had to turn back.
The Ancient Sun had to die.
Bushmen trek when it rains in the desert.
It is better to pass away than to die.
There is too little god.
Why there are still kudu left in Namibia.
A little dust was raised on the moon.
My year in the defence force was a good one.
Why I buy only the softest double-layered white toilet paper
and not eat apricot jam
Where to find that little secret hole…
What I did not know and only realised when I was almost fifty years old, is that we were poor.

Lariza van Niekerk:
It is enjoyable and relaxing to read “Where is my tickey”, which is always the best criterion. I do not want to struggle through something that I read... one struggles enough in life! The stories are interesting, and I like the way two parallel storylines usually develop in one narrative. It captivates one's attention. The language usage is natural and suits the type of narratives. The result is a snug fireside book to read, not only for the author's family and friends, but for anyone interested in delighting in this type of literature.

S.T.U.K.K.E.N.D Lewe ná ´n doodskoot - Cobus A. Erasmus

Hoe tel 'n mens die stukke van die halfgeboude legkaart van jou lewe weer op ná 'n lewensveranderende gebeurtenis? Bly jy stukkend – of bly jy lewe en hou aan om die legkaart te voltooi?
Die Erasmus-gesin beleef groot trauma wanneer twee van die boeties koelbloedig geskiet word, en die hele gesin moet wys waarom en of hulle in God glo. Hoe berei  'n mens jou voor op dit waarop jy jou nie kan voorberei nie?
In die Fourie-gesin word die kinders in 'n groot trauma gedompel toe hul ouers 11 maande ná mekaar sterf. Hoe hanteer 'n mens – of, erger nog, kinders – so 'n situasie? Waar was God? Waar is God vandag in jou situasie?
Lees gerus in hierdie boek hoe God steeds wonderwerke doen. En hoe Hy die Erasmus- en Fouriegesin op 'n wonderbaarlike wyse saamgesnoer het om as een gesin saam die legkaart van hul lewe te voltooi en daardeur elkeen hul goddelike roeping uit te leef.
Die skrywer doen 'n beroep op jou as leser om jou oop te stel vir God se plan met jou lewe – en om dan te begin lewe!


OM TE VERSTAAN? Moet jy weer soos alles, na die BEGIN, terug gaan! Het JY, miskien soos ek, en vele ander, MY “SINNE” VERLOOR!!! Ons TAAL, is al wat ons werklik oor het, om mee te SPOG!

KOOP die GROOTBOEK, moet hom nie “LEEN” of “UITLEEN” nie, want dalk het jy iets kosbaars, uit die era, en nogal in jou eie Moederstong, leersaam, geleer met `n PAPLEPEL, gewetenloos prysgegee! En bygedra, om die spreekwoordelike “SKIPPIE wat moet KOM”, te help sink!

Dank GOD, wat vir jou en my moet “BLESS”, of “KWES”!!

Kontak no. 0713618827

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This too will pass - Dr. Cival Mills

This autobiography of events details the author's emotional and physical experiences after a car accident in 2000 when he was only 26 years old. A doctor himself, Mills fell asleep at the wheel of his car after a long shift at the hospital where he was working as an intern and a visit to his girlfriend in a neighbouring town. He sustained no neural damage during the accident, but was taken into surgery because of an unstable fracture in his neck. It is then that things went drastically wrong. A blood clot caused a stroke which left him with the rare, and mostly fatal, “locked-in syndrome”.

This is the story of a fully alert and intelligent man, trying to make sense of life in an unresponsive body. Over and above the many physical challenges, the dependence on others and the emotional and physical trauma of a long-term (and usually permanent) disability, the author is unable to communicate without the help of various devices and is therefore left with the added heartbreaking consequence of utter loneliness.

The author terms the manuscript a “short autobiography of events” as it begins on the night of the accident and continues through the many emotional and physical experiences during hospitalisation and thereafter; ending at a point after his first experience of stem cell therapy.

Eloquent, clear and emotionally honest, the author takes us through these life-changing experiences: his joys, fears and sorrows, the unwavering support of his dedicated and loving family, the importance of friends and family during the most depressing times and the confusion and adjustment involved in his drastically altered circumstances.

The book was written when the only voluntary movement in his body was some movement in the thumb of his left hand.

Their Stories. Lesser known Bible Characters - Lynette M Adlem

Ever wonder?
- What compels a woman to turn around and look behind her; knowing she faces certain death in doing so?
- If a donkey could talk.What stories would it have to tell?
- Why a young boy was the only one, out of ten thousand people, who brought lunch?
- If it is possible for a solid iron axe to float?
- Why a man would bury a stranger in his family grave?
- What makes a man steal from the poor and innocent?
- Why people are so afraid of the words: “Thank You?”

Feast through the pages of this book...You might just find some surprising answers!

The South African Herb Growers Guide - Di-Di Hoffman

The ultimate guide to growing Nature’s Miracles

As the word ‘guide’ suggests, this is a practical, step by step approach to planting your own herb garden and harvesting the fruits of your labour. Because herbs are grown for cooking or for health or both, how the herbs are grown is very important. 

The organic approach that we take does not rely on harmful pesticides or commercial granular fertilizers. Besides being the safest way to grow any edible plant, it is in tune with the ethos of herb growing that has been practiced for hundreds of years.

This guide is also your ideas bank – with loads of suggestions on where and how to grow herbs, herb garden designs, companion planting advice, how to make your own organic pesticides and how to get herbs for free (legally and not holding up the local garden centre!).

We hope this guide will not just remain next to your bed, but will become a daily guide, both dog eared and mud stained. Above all we hope it leads to your enjoyment and use of herbs in every aspect of your life.

Happy herb growing.

Di-Di Hoffman
SA’s Blogging Herb Man

The Glory of our Salvation - Dr. Willie Marais

Everyone who reads this book will come to know four things:

- He will know if he has already been saved (cf. John 1:12-13; 1John 5:12-13).
- He will know that he has only himself to blame if he goes lost for all eternity (cf. Acts 18:6).
- He will know that if he comes to the Lord (cf. Matt. 11:28) he will be saved (John 6:37; Acts 16:31).
- He will know that both the sovereignty of God (Rom. 9:16) and the responsibility of man (cf. Heb. 2:3; Rev. 22:17; John 6:37) are taught as realities in the Scriptures (cf. Phil. 2:12-13), and to fully understand these two truths in perfect harmony with each other is too complex for us: “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the things of the Law” (Deut.29:29).

    For some, the reading of this book will lead to their salvation. For others, it will renew their knowledge and understanding of their own salvation, urging them to renew their commitment to the Lord. For ministers it can serve as a refresher course on the doctrine of Soteriology.

    The Glory of our Salvation is the work of God in us - let all the glory 
    be to God forever!

    Sukseswoordeskat deur die Eeue - Theo van der Lingen

    'n Boekie van A-Z gesegdes deur bekendes en onbekendes.

    So het God my geroep - Chris Visser

    So het God my geroep. En was Hy nie getrou nie! 

    10 Getuienisse van God se pad met mense;

    Hoe Hy hulle geroep het as Sendelinge... En van God se trou... Hy het hulle deurgedra! Enduit!

    Mag jy wat die boek lees ook deur hulle verhale inspireer word. Mag dit jou help om ook weer fyn te gaan hoor of jy nie dalk ook na God se roepstem moet luister nie.

    Sandgrond - Carina Francke

    “You people in the sunshine may believe the faith, but we in the shadow must believe it. We have nothing else.”

    Maar dis juis wanneer dit koud en donker is om jou, dat twyfel jou geloof kom koggellag. En jy vir die eerste keer voel hoe jy in sandgrond vasval. En as jy nie jou oë van die sand kan afhaal en jou voete in beweging bring deur die wete dat die Gewer van jou geloof ook gebid het dat jy dit sal behou nie, gaan jy vasgeval bly.

    Reviewing really rocks! - Roelf Opperman, Fritz Snyman en Roger Greenaway

    If you always wanted to create a new challenge in your experiential learning and adventure programs, the magic of the demonstrated review activities with sample questions in this book will provide you with a new and fresh tool to help your experiential learning programs becoming a lifelong learning experience for personal and social development opportunities, and to excite your group - (Lood Spies - Chairperson ARA Training Committee, Adventure Recreation Association).

    Whether it is in writing Sunday school material or hosting a camp, I always keep referring back to "Reviewing Really Rocks!" I find experiential learning an extremely useful tool that can easily be adapted whether you work with groups, couples or individuals. As pastoral therapist I find experiential learning very helpful in aiding people to express themselves and to realize unique outcomes in their personal narratives. I hope this book will inspire and empower you as it did for me! - (Pieter J. Visser - Reverend and Pastoral therapist: DR Church).

    Experiential learning activities provide a useful way of moving beyond theory and 'living' the principles or concepts that a facilitator aims to convey to participants. “Reviewing Really Rocks!” describes a wide range of activities that resemble childhood games and also provide guidelines for using these games to facilitate learning and growth. The book is written in easy-to-understand language and the inclusion of possible applications, lists of tools needed as well as reviewing guidelines make it a valuable practical tool. Since finding a balance between support or safety and challenge is as important in psychotherapy as it is in experiential learning, I have found it useful to adapt and apply some of the activities in this book as part of the psychotherapy process. I find these activities particularly useful in the context of family therapy , often using this book as a quick guide that helps me plan interventions for specific purposes. - (Marna Dreckmeyer-Meiring - Clinical Psychologist and lecturer: University of Pretoria).

    Experiential learning has opened new doors for my ministry, especially regarding youth work. It can however be used in many more situations. The basics are easy to understand and apply, making the whole learning process easy to understand and apply. The young people I work with enjoy the activities immensely, and through reviewing they learn life skills and find hope through faith in our Lord. But beware: after using this book there is no turning back to the old way of lectures! As described by one of the learners: “It is awesome!” - (Gerhard Stoltz - Reverend: Hervormde Kerk).

    Do you want fun? Do you want games? Are you tired of teenagers just not "getting" what you want them to "get" through a sermon? Then you should definitely try Experiential Learning. The themes and activities that this book offers, will help you to communicate old, old truths in a creative and fresh way. I have had so many success with the methods that Experiential Learning offers that I use it on almost all of my camps, in sermons and in many of my group and individual counselling sessions. The best thing about it is you can adapt it to suit your own needs. A tool you will never want to be without again! - (Tiaan van Niekerk - Youth worker: DR Church)

    Psalmjuwele vir vandag - Ds Danie Steyn

    Met die skryf van PSALMJUWELE VIR VANDAG, het ek tydsaam langs verskeie bronneweë gevaar op soek na kosbare juwele wat uit die psalmbundel straal. Talryke ure moes peinsend op die Here in gebed gewag word om te hoor wat in die gedagte en hart van elke digter geskuil het. Ek het my toegespits op ‘n leserskring wat graag meer van elke psalm sou wou verstaan en spesiaal klem gelê op die Messiaanse boodskap wat in Jesus Christus vervul is.

    My innige gebed is dat die Heilige Gees die verstand en hart van elke leser sal vul met geestelike psalmjuwele. Mag die vrede van God op u daal. Al die dank en eer aan die Here, die Almagtige!

    “Psalmjuwele vir vandag” deur ds. Danie Steyn moet deur ons verwelkom word. Ds. Danie Steyn slaag daarin om, in sy eie styl, die boodskap vars en nuut vir die leser aan te bied. Mag die werk vir baie lesers tot groot seën wees.

    Parental skills in a nutshell - Dr. Pixie du Toit

    The book Parental Skills in a Nutshell describes a few of the problems with which parents today have to contend with and provides useful tips that can help parents to raise their children.

    “Where was this book when I raised my children? When I read all these things I clasp my hands together in speechless amazement that my children, in spite of their parents, have so far grown-up unscathed.” Lien de Jager - Editor of various publications

    “The contents of this book is very meaningful and topical in the times and circumstances in which today's parents and children live.” Piet Vermeulen - Counselling Psychologist

    Dr Pixie du Toit, a Forensic Criminologist in Private Practice and head of the Sinoville Crisis Centre, has been working intensively for the past 6 years with parents and children. She has extensive experience in this field and also presents workshops and seminars to parent guidance groups and teachers on how to support children on their way to adulthood. She regularly acts as radio, television and guest speaker and was recently awarded the Afrikoon Award of the ATKV for her sustained contribution in this field.

    Ouerskapvaardighede in 'n neutedop - Dr. Pixie du Toit

    Die boek Ouerskapvaardighede in 'n Neutedop beskryf 'n paar probleme waarmee ouers vandag worstel en doen nuttige wenke aan die hand wat ouers met dié taak van kindersgrootmaak kan help.

    "Waar was die boek toe ek my kinders grootgemaak het? As ek al die dinge so lees, dan slaan ek my hande in stomme verbasing saam dat my kinders, ten spyte van hul ouers, sowaar ongedeerd grootgeword het!" Lien de Jager - Redakteur van verskeie publikasies

    "Die inhoud van hierdie boek is baie sinvol en uiters aktueel in die tye en lewensomstandighede waarin vandag se ouers en kinders leef." Piet Vermeulen - Voorligting Sielkundige

    Dr Pixie du Toit, 'n Forensiese Kriminoloog in Privaat Praktyk en Hoof van die Sinoville Krisissentrum, werk al die afgelope 6 jaar intensief met ouers en kinders. Sy het wye ervaring in dié veld en bied ook werkswinkels en seminare aan ouerleidinggroepe en onderwysers oor hoe om kinders op hul pad na volwassenheid te ondersteun. Sy tree gereeld op as radio- en gasspreker en het onlangs die ATKV Afrikoon-toekenning ontvang vir haar volgehoue bydrae op dié gebied.

    Die Oorlog van die Woedende Draak teen die Vrou - Chris Visser

    Die boek  dek die Kerk se stryd teen die bose en wil kerkleiers, alle Christene... Nuut oproep... néé uitdaag en motiveer en help om in die 21e eeu te volhard, om die evangelie meer effektief uit te dra. Ons is aan die wenkant! Hy het klaar oorwin, maar die oorlog gaan steeds voort.
    Mag hierdie boek jou daarin help!