Monday, July 18, 2011

“Where is my tickey?” A journey through my youth - Johan Wentzel

Life is good to me... I am a child of Namibia. And I know everything...

Why there is nothing holy about the tap water of Okahandja.
Why Marinette and I had to turn back.
The Ancient Sun had to die.
Bushmen trek when it rains in the desert.
It is better to pass away than to die.
There is too little god.
Why there are still kudu left in Namibia.
A little dust was raised on the moon.
My year in the defence force was a good one.
Why I buy only the softest double-layered white toilet paper
and not eat apricot jam
Where to find that little secret hole…
What I did not know and only realised when I was almost fifty years old, is that we were poor.

Lariza van Niekerk:
It is enjoyable and relaxing to read “Where is my tickey”, which is always the best criterion. I do not want to struggle through something that I read... one struggles enough in life! The stories are interesting, and I like the way two parallel storylines usually develop in one narrative. It captivates one's attention. The language usage is natural and suits the type of narratives. The result is a snug fireside book to read, not only for the author's family and friends, but for anyone interested in delighting in this type of literature.

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