Monday, July 18, 2011

Put Trauma behind you - Barbara Louw & Wynand Louw

This book gives you practical steps to help you move forward after trauma hit your life. It gives guidelines to understand and deal with muddled feelings, confusing reactions and questions about faith and spirituality.

It provides practical clues, tips and hints on how to assist you on your road to healing, wholeness and forgiveness. Applicable suggestions to restore your health and wellbeing are easy to follow and implement. A unique part of this book is the focus on the financial impact of the trauma you experienced and how to recover financially.

The concepts discussed in this book is tried and tested for more than 25 years and we use the timeless Biblical message of hope.

Barbara & Wynand Louw are working together in the community and ministry for the past 30 years. They are both ordained ministers and founding members of a non-profit organisation, Inter Trauma Nexus. This organisation specializes in victim support, crisis intervention, trauma relief facilitation and counselling.

Wynand holds a BTh; various qualifications in the financial sector and he is an MBA Candidate. The topic of his dissertation is: “A Christian Program for Moral regeneration in a multi-cultural South Africa.”

Wynand has a wealth of experience in the South African financial services sector and  is a successful Business, Financial and Biblical Coach and Mentor. He is a registered Skills Development Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator with the ETDP SETA. He is a senior member of Aquilla Advisors cc and the Managing member of Aquilla Financial Solutions cc.

He is a member of ACC in SA, Council for Councillors, IFCC, Fellow of the Insurance Institute of SA; and advisor to South African Integrated Traumatological Council and numerous other Non Profit organisations, Churches, and Unions.

Barbara completed a MA (Soc.) in Narrative Therapy for victims of rape and sexual violations. “GOD MAKES A DIFFERENCE” AS METAPHOR OF HOPE FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLATIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA.” She is a guest lecturer, public and conference speaker on Trauma, Victimisation, Child Trauma, Victim Empowerment, Crime Prevention, Life skills, Motivation and Being Successful. She is co-author of numerous books, courses and programmes. Her latest book is “A SENSIBLE VISION”

Barbara is Chief Executive Office of Inter Trauma Nexus and Co-owner and Wellness Strategist of Aquilla Advisors. She is a Specialist Pastoral Counsellor, Traumatologist, Natural Health Practitioner and a registered Coach and Mentor. Currently she is working on a PhD.

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