Monday, July 18, 2011

I have found my Tickey - Johan Wentzel

Rejoice with me, I have found my tickey

   - two brothers and a sister
   - a son and two daughters
   - more than one wife…

Actually, my tickey has always been there:
together on the long road,
with the inquisitive discovery of all ten secret holes,
the ‘naked hikers’,
with the birth of my children,
the death of my parents, my brother, my son
my own journey back, always back…
I am a child of Namibia.

Lariza van Niekerk:
What a pleasure it is to go on a reminiscence journey with Johann Wentzel in “I have found my Tickey”! This journey stretches from his barefoot childhood days in South-West Africa and South Africa to Northern Ireland, from curry-tripe In Okahandja to curry-chips in Letterkenny. With the author, we have the honour of a near royal reception at a wedding in Taung, to be intrigued by the medicine man's fresh goat-skin apron and eventually to find true happiness in Waringstown. The narratives are presented in a casual style and that captivates the reader and lets the reader join the visit.

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