Thursday, July 7, 2011

The South African Herb Growers Guide - Di-Di Hoffman

The ultimate guide to growing Nature’s Miracles

As the word ‘guide’ suggests, this is a practical, step by step approach to planting your own herb garden and harvesting the fruits of your labour. Because herbs are grown for cooking or for health or both, how the herbs are grown is very important. 

The organic approach that we take does not rely on harmful pesticides or commercial granular fertilizers. Besides being the safest way to grow any edible plant, it is in tune with the ethos of herb growing that has been practiced for hundreds of years.

This guide is also your ideas bank – with loads of suggestions on where and how to grow herbs, herb garden designs, companion planting advice, how to make your own organic pesticides and how to get herbs for free (legally and not holding up the local garden centre!).

We hope this guide will not just remain next to your bed, but will become a daily guide, both dog eared and mud stained. Above all we hope it leads to your enjoyment and use of herbs in every aspect of your life.

Happy herb growing.

Di-Di Hoffman
SA’s Blogging Herb Man

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