Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reviewing really rocks! - Roelf Opperman, Fritz Snyman en Roger Greenaway

If you always wanted to create a new challenge in your experiential learning and adventure programs, the magic of the demonstrated review activities with sample questions in this book will provide you with a new and fresh tool to help your experiential learning programs becoming a lifelong learning experience for personal and social development opportunities, and to excite your group - (Lood Spies - Chairperson ARA Training Committee, Adventure Recreation Association).

Whether it is in writing Sunday school material or hosting a camp, I always keep referring back to "Reviewing Really Rocks!" I find experiential learning an extremely useful tool that can easily be adapted whether you work with groups, couples or individuals. As pastoral therapist I find experiential learning very helpful in aiding people to express themselves and to realize unique outcomes in their personal narratives. I hope this book will inspire and empower you as it did for me! - (Pieter J. Visser - Reverend and Pastoral therapist: DR Church).

Experiential learning activities provide a useful way of moving beyond theory and 'living' the principles or concepts that a facilitator aims to convey to participants. “Reviewing Really Rocks!” describes a wide range of activities that resemble childhood games and also provide guidelines for using these games to facilitate learning and growth. The book is written in easy-to-understand language and the inclusion of possible applications, lists of tools needed as well as reviewing guidelines make it a valuable practical tool. Since finding a balance between support or safety and challenge is as important in psychotherapy as it is in experiential learning, I have found it useful to adapt and apply some of the activities in this book as part of the psychotherapy process. I find these activities particularly useful in the context of family therapy , often using this book as a quick guide that helps me plan interventions for specific purposes. - (Marna Dreckmeyer-Meiring - Clinical Psychologist and lecturer: University of Pretoria).

Experiential learning has opened new doors for my ministry, especially regarding youth work. It can however be used in many more situations. The basics are easy to understand and apply, making the whole learning process easy to understand and apply. The young people I work with enjoy the activities immensely, and through reviewing they learn life skills and find hope through faith in our Lord. But beware: after using this book there is no turning back to the old way of lectures! As described by one of the learners: “It is awesome!” - (Gerhard Stoltz - Reverend: Hervormde Kerk).

Do you want fun? Do you want games? Are you tired of teenagers just not "getting" what you want them to "get" through a sermon? Then you should definitely try Experiential Learning. The themes and activities that this book offers, will help you to communicate old, old truths in a creative and fresh way. I have had so many success with the methods that Experiential Learning offers that I use it on almost all of my camps, in sermons and in many of my group and individual counselling sessions. The best thing about it is you can adapt it to suit your own needs. A tool you will never want to be without again! - (Tiaan van Niekerk - Youth worker: DR Church)

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