Thursday, July 7, 2011

Parental skills in a nutshell - Dr. Pixie du Toit

The book Parental Skills in a Nutshell describes a few of the problems with which parents today have to contend with and provides useful tips that can help parents to raise their children.

“Where was this book when I raised my children? When I read all these things I clasp my hands together in speechless amazement that my children, in spite of their parents, have so far grown-up unscathed.” Lien de Jager - Editor of various publications

“The contents of this book is very meaningful and topical in the times and circumstances in which today's parents and children live.” Piet Vermeulen - Counselling Psychologist

Dr Pixie du Toit, a Forensic Criminologist in Private Practice and head of the Sinoville Crisis Centre, has been working intensively for the past 6 years with parents and children. She has extensive experience in this field and also presents workshops and seminars to parent guidance groups and teachers on how to support children on their way to adulthood. She regularly acts as radio, television and guest speaker and was recently awarded the Afrikoon Award of the ATKV for her sustained contribution in this field.

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