Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Health Won - Dr Andre Sinden 

This book contains a series of articles originally drawn up as an explanatory aid to people visiting a Health Hydro, promoting  their understanding of why it is necessary for some to experience short term “suffering” in order to function better in the long term. 

The human anatomy can in a sense be compared to that of a motor vehicle; human physiology works not all that differently from a car either: It moves us around and executes some commands from the “driver”, (that is, the brain). Most of the functions, however, happen in the background without us even being aware of them.

It is common practice to regularly “service” a vehicle at predetermined intervals in an effort to contain a failure before it occurs, long before any signs of malfunctioning appears.

Unlike a car, however, the body “issued” to every human is unique, irreplaceable and the only one ever to be granted. Yet it seems as if people are reluctant to attend to their bodies as meticulously as to their cars.

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