Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Walk in a Forester's Boots-Fire

Greg A. Ellis and Ben J. Potgieter

The First Journey: Finding My Feet
Ed Tippett’s journey as a forester in South Africa is one that begins as a naïve newly married young man that introduces him to a ‘forestry lifestyle’.  Through numerous incidents he develops an ever deeper understanding of the forest, the people, and the family but most significantly of himself. 

The theme of fire gives Ed the opportunity to develop his skills in many aspects and brings both the elation of controlling fires, but also the tragedy of the destruction of forests, assets and life.  While there are many characters that influence Ed, none are as significant as his friend Wilbur, who acts as his mentor.  In turn coaching and mentoring become the compelling reason for his being, and the joy and results that are associated with this. 

The trilogy of books sees Ed develop from situational hands on forester, to forestry manager that develops systems, to a regional manager that engages strategies of integration. 

While these books are written using forestry as a ‘platform industry’, the ‘gems of wisdom’ can be applied to any industry, in any country in its wider context, yet is constantly kept real by the interaction at family and relationship level. 

Once you start reading you will not put it down as you become so engrossed with the journey and the wide range of stories of a life that could have been yours in parts, but no one person’s alone.  An epic journey of discovery for the reader who will open their mind for self and organisational improvement.  

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