Friday, February 8, 2013

Bad Blood - Jannie Louw

Old traditions vs New Traditions.

Who would have thought that a school project, although well intended, could have such dire consequences; The destruction of two school boy friendships, the breakup of the Sangomas's home and because of it, the oldest of traditions, an eye for an eye, is  demanded as punishment.

Will the Sangoma succeed in his desperate search for revenge or will he, who casts no shadow escape the elders judgment?

It is also said that Bad Blood can jump generations.

A mother, unable to control her beautiful son, is confronted by her past!  Can it be true? Is that the cause of all her bad luck and the reason for his inexplicable behaviour?

But then, he always enjoyed his nightmares, this time he had the sensation of a stranger trailing him, heard a voice speak to him: Your playground will be where bright lights shine, everyone will know you, your markers will be bold. When you're done, I'll claim your prey, torn from their faith and everything dear , and finally take all their pain away !

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