Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SA Criminal Law made easy - Brigadier C.P. Crafford

Brigadier Tiaan Crafford was born in Oranjemund, Namibia, and grew up in different small towns of that beautiful country. He matriculated at Oos-Moot High School, Pretoria.

Tiaan had a colourful and versatile career in the S.A. Police. He was involved, amongst others, at the Training College in Pretoria, was Station Commander, Divisional Recruiting Officer, served at the National Inspectorate and Internal Liaison where he served as Editor of the Police Magazine, Servamus, for nine years. Tiaan Crafford retired from the Police Force as commander of Public Relations.

His love for S.A. Criminal Law started early in his career. While studying Law extramurally he tutored this subject to students preparing for the matric exams. As early as 1968 he was appointed by the Department of Education and Culture as well as the Department of Education and Training as marker of the exam papers.

He is married to Hesca. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Since 1984 when Tiaan was appointed Examiner of S.A. Criminal Law, Hesca has been his tower of strength with the yearly examining process. At present Tiaan is also appointed as Internal Moderator for Ethnology as well as Criminology (Grade 12)

During the past few years of examining it became evident that candidates don't have access to study material or that they have information to their disposal that doesn't comply with the curriculum.  S.A. Crimanal Law Made Easy, is a dedicated effort to reach out to candidates with a study aid that is –
  • summarised and arranged for easy learning
  • learner friendly and affordable and
  • still complies with the prescribed syllabus

S.A. Criminal Law provides many opportunities for a person's future. In a country where crime reigns supreme, knowledge of this subject has become appropriate for almost every career in the private and public sectors. This subject is also of personal- and public interest for every citizen that wants to be part of a brighter future for South Africa.

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